John Nebitt M.D.
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Dr Nesbitt’s Foot and Ulcer Care Clinic

Dr. John Nesbitt’s practice focuses on the care and treatment of biomechanical foot problems and cutaneous ulcers. Over the past 17 years, Dr. Nesbitt and his colleagues have seen over 27,000 patients for:

Our clinic is committed to drive down the rate of non-traumatic lower extremity amputations in Southern Alberta by providing a single point of entry for the coordinated assessment and treatment of ulcers patients. In order to meet this target, Dr. Nesbitt will see new ulcer patients within 5 working days of receiving a referral, or the same day if requested by the referring physician.

In the past Dr. Nesbitt has been the Medical Advisor several national healthcare groups. Through this work and that of his clinic, a number of patient educational tools have been developed and can be found in the Patient Education pages. These resources and additional articles that might be of interest to referring physicians may be found in the Healthcare Provider Resources section.

John Nebitt M.D.